Lil Nas X tells fans to stop pitting him against Harry Styles

19 March 2021, 11:18

Harry Styles opens the ceremony in spectacular style, shirtless in a leather suit and green feather boa

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Stop using me as a bait against Harry Styles."

Lil Nas X has asked fans to stop pitting him against Harry Styles over their fashion sense.

As you know, Harry Styles has become a fashion icon. Although he's been been admired for his sense of style since his One Direction days, he's recently attracted attention for breaking gender norms with his outfits, which have included rocking pearls, dresses and painted fingernails.

On Sunday night (Mar 14), the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer was praised for wearing a feather boa to the Grammy Awards, where he received his first Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. He was also swooned over for breaking barriers by rocking a Gucci dress and blazer on the cover of Vogue in December 2020.

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Lil Nas X tells fans to stop pitting him against Harry Styles
Lil Nas X tells fans to stop pitting him against Harry Styles. Picture: Steve Granitz/WireImage, Anthony Pham via Getty Images

However, the praise Harry has been receiving left many wondering why Lil Nas X doesn't receive the same amount of adoration as Harry does for his fashion choices too. "Lil Nas X is doing what Harry’s doing but much better," one fan tweeted.

Another added: "I absolutely love Harry, but what he's doing is what Black men have been doing this for a while and don't get the attention he gets. It pisses me off. Artists from the 70s/80s have been doing this and some Black artists have been doing this at the same time as Harry or even before him (Lil Nas X was ROCKING that pink outfit on the 2019 Grammys). I'm really proud of how far Harry has come and all he has achieved but he's not the only one that has done this."

And a third tweeted: "We have GOT to stop acting like Harry Styles is a male fashion icon when Lil Nas X is right there."

Well, Lil Nas X had something to say about constantly being compared to Harry. The 'Old Town Road' rapper shared two tweets in which he was compared to Harry. He wrote: "Been seeing post like these lately and i wanna say stop using me as a bait against harry styles. i love harry, if y’all fw what i wear say it without mentioning him."

So, there you have it! There's more than enough room for two male fashion icons.