Halsey Clears Up Her Comments About Harry Styles & His Music

20 August 2019, 12:29 | Updated: 20 August 2019, 12:31

Halsey tweets about Harry Styles' songwriting
Halsey tweets about Harry Styles' songwriting. Picture: Instagram

Halsey has taken to Twitter to apologise to Harry Styles stans after inadvertently upsetting them.

Halsey has taken to her Twitter account to address a tweet which upset a lot of die-hard Harry Styles fans. Of course, Halsey never meant to rumble the fandom however the 'Nightmare' singer was quick to clear up any confusion just in case.

The tweet in question was regarding how many songwriters it took to write Harry's single 'Sign Of The Times'. Check out the tweet below:

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Halsey's tweet about Harry Styles' songwriting
Halsey's tweet about Harry Styles' songwriting. Picture: Capital

After seeing a tweet (which was actually replying to another tweet about Halsey, Camila and Shawn's songwriting) which said 'Harry Styles wrote sign of the times in 15 minutes', Halsey pointed out the fact that there are '6 writers' on the credits of the Harry Styles tune and how 'every instrumentalist and producer is considered a songwriter'.

This in turn riled up Harry's fans. One fan wrote, "i just feel halsey could’ve made her point without involving a tweet about harry... but that’s just me" with another adding, "halsey is really tryna act like harry styles by harry styles wasn’t by harry styles."

Many have also come to Halsey's defence; "halsey wasn’t coming for harry??? y’all are MAD irritating and you missed the entire point of her tweet".

After deleting her original tweet, Halsey cleared up the situation with a message to all her fans...

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