Cardi B's Grammy's red carpet dress has already been turned into a meme

11 February 2019, 02:42

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Cardi B's vintage couture Thierry Mugler outfit from the 2019 Grammy's is reminding people of Ursula from The Little Mermaid and a coffee filter.

Cardi B has never been one to shy away from turning a bold look on the red carpet. Whether it's a show stopping floral number or the most on-theme, over the top Met Gala outfit of the night, Queen Cardi is always up for the challenge and when I say her dress for the 2019 Grammy's was absolutely no exception, I MEAN IT.

Cardi B's response to someone saying she has a "dick" is priceless

Of course, the Grammy's red carpet is the most notoriously meme-able red carpet of all time, so the second Cardi stepped foot on the carpet, the internet lost its damn mind. Dressed head to toe in a what can only be described as 'pearl inside an oyster realness' (ft. baby father Offset), Cardi shut it ALL down.

Cardi B's Grammys red carpet dress has already been turned into a meme
Cardi B's Grammys red carpet dress has already been turned into a meme. Picture: Jon Kopaloff / Stringer

Jaws dropped, people were gagged, other nominees were shaking.

But before we get into the memes, let's lay down a few fashion facts first. While her look was undoubtably one of the most ~OUT THERE~ red carpet looks of the night, I'll have you know that Ms Cardi was in fact wearing fall 1995 couture from Thierry Mugler, first worn by model Simonetta Gianfelici. It's vintage, darling. Vintage. Most of your faves could never!

She went to aaaaaall that trouble of securing a high fashion, vintage couture gown to wear on one of the biggest nights of her life but all everyone else saw was Ursula from The Little Mermaid and a tower of Ferrero Rochers.

Here are all the best and funniest memes about Cardi B's Grammy's dress:

You know that little French feather duster from Beauty and the Beast? Babette? Yeah... that.

Ursula? And what about it?

No offence to Mugler but...


Meme what you want, Cardi ATE this look!