One Direction fans are calling out Zayn for 'dissing' the band in the lyrics to 'Good Years'

6 December 2018, 17:56

Zayn Malik / One Direction
Zayn Malik / One Direction. Picture: Steve Granitz / Karwai Tang
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years" sings Zayn on new song 'Good Years'.

Zayn has released a new song called 'Good Years' and One Direction fans are not very happy about the lyrics.

It doesn't take a genius to read into some of the lyrics in the song. Zayn sings (repeatedly) "I'd rather be anywhere but here" and "I close my eyes and see a crowd of a thousand tears / I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years".

Another lyric seems to reference the One Direction song 'Drag Me Down', which was released after Zayn left the group in 2015. "Nothing in the world could bring us down", sings Zayn. "Bring us down, bring us down", continues the refrain.

Fans think another lyric is specifically about the time when Zayn and Louis Tomlinson were forced to apologise to their fans after being filmed smoking weed. "Too much drugs and alcohol / What the hell were we fighting for? / 'Cause now the whole damn world will know / That we're too numb and just too dumb to change the story".

Louis Tomlinson has seemingly responded to the song, writing simply: "Proper confused. What a hypocrite!"

One Direction fans are letting their feelings be known on Twitter.

Jeez. When will this 1D drama end?