Sarah Harding goes Gaga!

Sarah Harding looks set to launch her solo career with a bit of inspiration of the queen of pop Lady Gaga.

It has been reported that the Girls Aloud star has told friends that she is ready to follow in the foot steps of the ‘Bad Romance’ singer’s success.

A source close to Sarah, 28, told The Mirror: "She wants to be edgier than ever before. She's very keen to shock. She wants to shake up her entire image." Good for her.

But what does this mean for Girls Aloud? With Cheryl and Nadine both promoting their recent solo offerings, Kimberley hanging out with Aggro Santos and Nicola (well doing something) is this the final nail in the coffin for the famous five-piece?

Check out this picture of Sarah beginning her Gaga transformation. Let us know your thoughts below…