Fuse ODG - 'Dangerous Love' (Live At The Jingle Bell Ball 2014)

7 December 2014, 19:25

16,000 people dancing as one to 'Dangerous Love'? Fuse made it happen!

Fuse ODG certainly knows how to keep a crowd entertained! The English and Ghanaian musician showed exactly how he works a crowd with his brand new song, 'Dangerous Love'. 

With his signature dance moves and the infectious beats, Fuse had the Jingle Bell Ball audience on their feet for his set. 

As well as his newest track, Fuse treated the crowd to some of his other hits, including 'Million Pound Girl' and 'T.I.N.A' to keep the crowds in the party spirit.  

Check out Fuse ODG's full set list below:

  • 'Antenna'
  • 'Million Pound Girl' 
  • 'T.I.N.A'
  • 'Dangerous Love'