Flo Rida Has "Seven Masterpieces" Inspired By Michael Jackson Ready For New Album

2 January 2013, 12:54 | Updated: 2 January 2013, 12:56

The 'I Cry' rapper reveals he has plans to "take over" in 2013 as he eyes his next record release.

Flo Rida has revealed that he has recorded what he believes to be seven "masterpieces" for his new album.

The 'Wild Ones' rapper told Billboard that he had been working in the same studio as the late Michael Jackson and had drawn inspiration from the King of Pop.

"You know, I actually got a chance to do some recording in the same studio where Michael Jackson did 'Thriller,'" he said as he spoke about working at Westlake Studios. "We did some work in there and I came up with like seven masterpieces."

The Miami-based star also went on to declare that he's ready to "take over" in 2013 as he looks to continue his success from last year.

The US artist scored a host of number one singles around the world over the past twelve months and is hungry for even more.

"Every record I've put out this year has been number one and I look forward to this being number one as well," he said when asked about his next single 'Let It Roll'. 

Flo also revealed that his plans for 2013 don't stop with music and he's eying up any acting opportunities which may come his way.

"It starts with the music, but I look forward to venturing off and getting into some acting. Traveling the world, doing some touring," he added.