Elyar Fox Announces New Song 'A Billion Girls' As His Second Single

14 February 2014, 16:24 | Updated: 17 February 2014, 11:42

Elyar Fox A Billion Girls Single Artwork

The 'Do It All Over Again' star is readying his next single release.

Elyar Fox has announced his brand new single 'A Billion Girls'.

The UK singer-songwriter revealed the news earlier today (14th February), after promising to announce the title for his follow-up to 'Do It All Over Again'.

Elyar scored a top five hit with his debut release back in January this year, and 'A Billion Girls' will be the song single release from the YouTube sensation.

Fans of Elyar quickly flocked to Twitter to share their excitement for the new track, as well as thanking him for making their Valentine's Day with the news.