Demi Lovato says they've overcome their "daddy issues" after dating older men

12 September 2023, 12:18

Demi Lovato goes to the beach with their boyfriend

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Demi Lovato previously dated actor Wilmer Valderama when she was just 17 years old and he was 29.

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Demi Lovato has opened up about having "daddy issues" in the past and how they now think it's "gross" to date older men.

In the past, Demi Lovato has dated men who are older than her. Most famously, she was in a relationship with actor Wilmer Valderrama for six years, and they met when Demi was 17 and Wilmer was 29. Back in 2022, Demi appeared to call out their age cap on her single '29', singing: "Far from innocent, what the fuck's consent? / Numbers told you not to, but that didn't stop you."

Now, Demi has said that they've overcome their "daddy issues" in their year-long relationship with Canadian artist Jutes.

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Demi Lovato says they&squot;ve overcome their "daddy issues" after dating older men
Demi Lovato says they've overcome their "daddy issues" after dating older men. Picture: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images, Lester Cohen/WireImage

Demi recently was a guest on The Howard Stern Show. Speaking about her past dating habits, Demi, who is now 31, said: "I can say with confidence that my daddy issues aren’t anything that are inside of me anymore... I think there’s a few signs to that. I’m with a partner that is my age, essentially. I look back on the past [of dating older men] and think ‘that’s gross.'"

Demi added that their relationship with Jutes is the healthiest one they've been in. They said: "There’s this partnership there that is just so magnetic. The way that we laugh together. It’s just nonstop. I think if you can find someone that makes you feel safe, that you’re so attracted to, that you laugh with constantly, that’s the formula of a really great relationship."

Demi first met Jutes working on her 2022 album Holy Fvck. Discussing how their romance started, she said: "He came in to write on one of my sessions and I was in the studio and was immediately attracted to him. I like texted my friends on the side and was like, ‘He’s so hot!'"

Demi previously opened up about the meaning behind their song '29' on the Call Her Daddy podcast. They said they made it as a warning to young girls: "If you're a young girl and you think that it's sexy or fun to date older men, it's not okay, unless you're of age. It's portrayed as, 'Oh you scored someone older! That's cool!' and actually, that's weird!"

Demi added: "I think sometimes the public needs the truth, and that’s why I decided to release… [this] single. I think the message is so important."

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