Dappy: "I Want Brian May To Build Me A Guitar With My Face On It"

18 January 2012, 15:25 | Updated: 18 January 2012, 15:35

The 'No Regrets' singer is hoping the Queen guitarist will use his skills to create a unique instrument for the N-Dubz star.

Dappy has revealed that he is hoping Brian May will build him a guitar with his own face on it.

The N-Dubz rapper confessed that he would "love" the Queen star to create a one of a kind instrument for him after he heard Brian recall a tale of how he built his Dad a guitar form an old fireplace.

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: "I would love Brian to make me a guitar. He told me all about his guitar that he made with his dad out of wood from a fireplace in his old house.

"He even got a five-sided coin to put in the neck and he replaced the Queen's head with his own head. Now that's his pluck, so I want one with my head on it."

The pair recently collaborated on Dappy's new single 'Rockstar' and the rapper recalled working with Brian as a "dream come true."

The music video for the single was released earlier today (18th January) and received high words of praise from Ed Sheeran and Cover Drive.

Dappy's collaborative new single with Brian May 'Rockstar' is released on 26th February.