Cover Drive's Amanda On Being The 'Only Girl' In The Band

The 'Lick Ya Down' singer reveals the one problem she has with being the only girl in Cover Drive.

Cover Drive's lead singer Amanda told that although the boys look after her, there's one major downfall to the distinct lack of females in the band.

"It's actually pretty special 'cause I'm the only girl in Cover Drive, so I get some special attention," Amanda told us.

"But you know I will tell you honestly, the one time it gets to be irritating and weird is when we go shopping.

"The boys try and tell me what I can and can't buy."

At which point Jamar interrupted to say shopping is about being "practical". "Food, over expensive bag," T-Ray added.

But Amanda insists her shopping method works just fine without the boys' advice.

"I like to think of it as quality over quantity," she said.

Check out the video of our Cover Drive chat below and don't forget 'Lick Ya Down' is available to buy now.