Cover Drive: "Meeting Rihanna Was More Nerve Wracking Then Playing For Her"

19 January 2012, 19:34 | Updated: 19 January 2012, 19:38

The 'Twilight' stars admit they struggled to speak when they bumped into the 'We Found Love' singer.

Cover Drive have confessed that they found meeting Rihanna a more "nerve wracking" experience then performing for her.

The "Twilight' singers were hand picked by the Bajan star to support her on the Barbados leg of her worldwide 'Loud' tour and admitted the whole experience was "incredible".

Speaking to, drummer T-Ray said: "We got an email saying Rihanna has chosen you to open for her Barbados leg of her 'Loud' tour."

Amanda continued: "We didn't even think we were going to be home so didn't even look for it. It just happened which is incredible.

"We were so nervous. There were 25,000 people there and it was our first concert in Barbados and everyone came."

Bass player Jamar admitted that the whole band struggled to speak when they actually came face to face with the singer.

"I think meeting her was a little more nerve wracking. We couldn't even get words out," he confessed.

Guitarist Barman even admitted he had a whole planned speech ready to wow the star before his nerves got the better of him.

"I had this whole speech planned and I was going to get her number and all I could do was smile," he laughed.

Meanwhile, the Bajan outfit recently admitted that their forthcoming debut album is like a "beach party in Barbados" and will release their new single 'Twilight' on 22nd January.