Cover Drive: "'Twilight' Is Our Most Defining Single So Far"

3 January 2012, 16:14

Lead singer Amanda chats to Capital FM about the band's forthcoming new track.

Cover Drive have described their new track 'Twilight' as their "most band-defining single" so far.

The single is released on 22nd January and is the latest song to be taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Bajan Style'.

Speaking to Capital FM, lead singer Amanda said the song was "really special".

"It's one of the first songs we started writing on our album," she said. "I had this idea of twilight – day going into night, which it really is like friends transitioning into lovers.

"We started with the melody and the lyrics and it just fitted perfectly with the music, and 'Twilight' was born. It's probably our most band-defining single so far."

Amanda and the rest of the group also denied that the track was linked to The Twilight Saga movies.

Listen to the Cover Drive chatting to our Showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes about 'Twilight' below.

Cover Drive talk Twilight