Lady Gaga fans accuse Coldplay of "ripping off" Chromatica with Kaotica

4 May 2021, 12:15

Coldplay accused of copying Lady Gaga with Kaotica album campaign

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Kaotica is a fictional planet Coldplay are using to promote their new single 'Higher Power',

Coldplay are coming under fire over accusations that their new Kaotica campaign steals from Lady Gaga's Chromatica era.

Lady Gaga fans will already be well aware that the superstar released her sixth studio album Chromatica last year. The chart-topping project is a concept album based around the fictional planet of Chromatica, a utopia where kindness and inclusivity reign supreme, and the LP explores themes of grief, healing and resilience. Throughout the era, Gaga used pink imagery.

Now, Coldplay have launched a new era and they are facing backlash from Gaga fans over the similarities to Chromatica.

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Lady Gaga fans accuse Coldplay of "ripping off" Chromatica with Kaotica
Lady Gaga fans accuse Coldplay of "ripping off" Chromatica with Kaotica. Picture: Interscope, @coldplay via Twitter

Coldplay first began teasing their Kaotica era last week (Apr 27) by launching a new website called alongside a video of an array of mysterious pink symbols. They then unveiled the pink art for their new single 'Higher Power' and began making references on social media to a fictional planet called Kaotica which fans believe is the name of their ninth album.

From the artwork and the symbols to the planet concept and the name, there are obvious similarities between Chromatica and Kaotica and people are calling out Coldplay for copying Lady Gaga. One person tweeted: "So Lady Gaga spent 3+ years creating Chromatica just for Coldplay to come along and completely steal the idea of it."

Coldplay aren't the only artist who've been accused of copying Gaga either. Doja Cat's upcoming album Planet Her is based on a fictional planet too and the lead single 'Kiss Me More' also uses pink imagery.

As it stands, neither Coldplay nor Gaga have commented on the comparisons.

What do you think? Did Coldplay copy Gaga?