WATCH: Christina Aguilera Teaches James Corden How To Diva In Carpool Karaoke

24 April 2018, 07:25 | Updated: 24 April 2018, 07:35

And there's even a special appearance from the legend that is Melissa McCarthy!

We've been a complete mess waiting for another Carpool Karaoke. It had been four months since Kelly Clarkson's. Why have you gotta play us like this, James Corden?

Oh, because you were busy getting a certified icon to sing with you in your car. Well, that's fair then, James.

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Christina Aguilera, the one who defined "power notes", hopped in Corden's motor, where she spilled the beans on her days in The Mickey Mouse Club, where she said Ryan Gosling proper fancied Britney Spears.

Of course, the moment we were waiting for was when Christina and James were to sing 'Dirrty', only for Melissa McCarthy, of 'Bridesmaids' fame, to spit Redman's rap almost as good as actual Redman.

We know we say this every time, but after watching James sing 'Beautiful' with Xtina, we just wanna say... WHY HAS JAMES CORDEN NOT RELEASED AN ALBUM YET?!

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There was another seat in that car, just waiting for Louisa to hop in, right?