Chipmunk teams up with Boris Johnson

Chipmunk has joined forces with London Mayor Boris Johnson to help encourage teenagers to pursue a career in music.

The rapper was guest speaker at two separate seminars at City Hall where he told his story and gave advice on breaking into the music industry.
The talk was part of the Mayor's Rhythm of London week, which aims to encourage more music education and participation across the capital.
'I got a big influence on my generation so for them to see me with him [Johnson] is bridging gaps between generations, music and politics," Chipmunk told Capital's Kevin Hughes.
'As long as I can tell my story that's inspiring for young people my age and younger that want to get into the music business.'
The rapper, who released his new album 'Transition' this week, said he would be delighted if he stopped Adele from going back to the top of the album charts. 
'Adele's still around, but I'd be dancing [if it did go to Number One],' he added.
'I'm just happy everyone is hearing my album and actually loving it as a body of work from start to finish.'