Cher Lloyd Signs US Record Deal To Try And Break America

18 December 2011, 09:09

The "With Ur Love' star joins Epic after meeting with The X Factor USA judge LA Reid.

Cher Lloyd has signed a record deal in America.

The 'With Ur Love' singer revealed that he had secured a deal with The X Factor USA judge LA Reid after they met during her recent trip to the US.

"I went over to America to do some more recording and stuff like that and now I'm signed to Epic with LA Reid," she told the BBC.

Cher said that Reid "finds me quite funny", adding: "He said that I am very outgoing, and I say what I want and sometimes it comes out before I get to think about what's going to come out of my mouth and he likes that.

"He just said that I'm really fresh and he's very excited."

The star added that she was looking forward to the opportunity to try and break America, but stressed she was in no rush.

Cher is currently scheduled to go on a UK tour next spring.

Meanwhile, this week saw the star the music video for her presumed new single 'Dub On The Track'.