Cher Lloyd Shows Simon Cowell Who's Boss

The 'Swagger Jagger' star refuses to listen to Simon when it comes to her style.

Simon's been keeping a tight reign on Cher Lloyd when it comes to her image in a bid to get the singer looking classy.

But sneaky Cher debuted a new pink and blonde hairdo with an undercut at this weekend's T4 On The Beach, which she'd had chopped in secret.

"Cher does what Cher wants," the Daily Mirror reported a source as saying.

"She popped to her salon without telling management."

The singer, who has been criticised for being a diva, is set to bring out her new single 'Swagger Jagger' on Sunday 31st July.

But despite Cher's rebellious choice ahead of her debut release, Simon Cowell isn't too upset with her radical new look.

"She loves it," the source added. "Even Simon Cowell's coming round."