Cher Lloyd says she's no Rihanna copycat

The 'Swagger Jagger' singer defends her hairdo decisions.

After leaving The X Factor, Cher Lloyd dyed her barnet a bright Rihanna-style red and got criticised for pinching Riri's look.

Now Cher's reverted back to brunette but she's getting grief for copying Cheryl Cole.

But according to Cher she isn't stealing anyone's style, she's just plain and simple dying her do.

"I dye my hair red so I'm trying to be Rihanna," Cher said sarcastically.

"It's brown. I'm Cheryl.

"Make your mind up who you want me to be."

Cher is currently recording her debut album, with her new single Swagger Jagger due out to buy on 31st July.