Charli XCX Reveals All During 'Lips, Wife, Leave It'

18 January 2015, 20:00

What would the 'Boom Clap' singer do when she's forced to choose between three hot men from the world of music?

During a light-hearted trip to Capital, Max turned up the heat with Charli XCX for a game of 'Lips, Wife, Leave It'!

Just like a sexy game of 'Who'd You Rather', Charli had to either kiss, marry or avoid three showbiz hunks - Drake, 5SOS's Michael Clifford and Justin Bieber.

During the game, we learned three fun facts about Charli XCX, which are all linked to the artists involved - apparently she LOVES strip clubs, enjoys home hair dyeing sessions and one of her favourite songs of all time is 'Baby'.

From those three clues, can you guess which man she'll lips, wife or leave! Watch the video above for the answers!

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