Jonas Brothers reveal who got rid of their purity ring first on Carpool Karaoke

8 March 2019, 17:12

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

James Corden quizzed the Jonas Brothers on the meaning of their purity rings...

The Jonas Brothers made their official return to music last week (Mar 1). After their shock break up in 2013, Nick Jonas went on to release two solo albums, Joe Jonas formed DNCE and Kevin Jonas took a step back from the limelight. It seemed like they may never reunite. However, now the band have worked through their differences and are already back with a new hit single 'Sucker'.

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All week long, the Jonas Brothers have been celebrating their surprise return on The Late Late Show with James Corden and last night (Mar 7) they took part in James' infamous Carpool Karaoke skit. During the segment, they sang along to their most famous songs and even took a lie detector test. Not to mention, they also opened up about their infamous purity rings.

Why did the Jonas Brothers get purity rings and who took theirs off first?

Jonas Brothers explain the meaning of their purity rings on Carpool Karaoke
Jonas Brothers explain the meaning of their purity rings on Carpool Karaoke. Picture: Chris Polk/WireImage via Getty Images

Chatting to James, Joe revealed: "Purity rings were to wait for the right person when the time was right." He then said: "And here's the catch. We grew up in a church and our dad was a pastor so it kind of just came natural for everyone that we grew up with to go through this and get one and say I'm gonna wait for the right person. When you are about 15/16 and you start dating, you go: 'Wait a minute. What did I say I was gonna do?'"

Joe then explained: "We were never gonna talk about it because this is not for the world but of course you have three young boys wearing rings on their fingers. Everyone's like: 'Are they married already? What's going on here?' and so we were in an interview one day, the guy asked about them and we were like 'We don't wanna talk about them' and he was like 'Well I'm just gonna say you're in a cult'."

Discussing the situation further, he added: "And we're scared to death. This is one of our first interviews. So we're like 'Fine we'll talk about them.' We explained just like I did to you. He runs with it. The next thing you know it's "The Jonas Brothers and their purity rings". And that was what people ran with forever. That was a running joke. And we found the humour in it sometimes."

Then revealing why they got rid of them, Joe stated: "We just kind of decided at one point this is not who we are. We don't need to be wearing these anymore, this is annoying, people are making fun of it anyway; we can make fun of it ourselves." And as to who got rid of theirs first? It was Kevin. Make of that what you will.

Watch the full Carpool Karaoke below.

Jonas Brothers Carpool Karaoke

In all seriousness though, many teenagers are encouraged to get purity rings and see sex in a negative light and, while it's important for teenagers to be cautious and not rush into sex, they also shouldn't be shamed for it when they do decide to have sex. With that in mind, it's great to see that Jonas Brothers be so open.

What do you think? Are purity rings wrong?