HBO's Euphoria Soundtrack: BTS' Jungkook's Single Features In Season Finale

8 August 2019, 17:35

Jungkook wrote a single for the Euphoria season finale
Jungkook wrote a single for the Euphoria season finale. Picture: Getty

BTS' Jungkook's single 'Euphoria' was the featured in the season finale of the hugely popular HBO series.

BTS fans were in heaven during the season finale of HBO's show 'Euphoria' after a song by their idol Jungkook soundtracked a romantic scene between characters Ethan and Kat played by young actors Austin Abrams and Barbie Ferreira.

The show which is executive produced by Drake and stars none other than Zendaya has been a breakout hit since premiering in mid-June.

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Jungkook performed on the 'Euphoria' soundtrack
Jungkook performed on the 'Euphoria' soundtrack. Picture: Getty

The full lyrics to Jungkook's 'Euphoria' are as followed:

You are the sunlight that rose again in my life
A reincarnation of my childhood dreams
I don’t know what this emotion is
If this place is also inside a dream

This dream is a blue mirage in the desert
A priori deep inside of me
I’m so happy, I can’t breathe
My surroundings are getting more and more transparent

I hear the far-away ocean
Across the dream, over the horizon
I’m going to the place that’s getting clearer
Take my hands now
You are the cause of my euphoria

Take my hands now
You are the cause of my euphoria
Close the door now
When I’m with you I’m in utopia

Were you wandering around
Looking for an erased dream too?
It’s different from the typical definition of destiny
Your pained eyes are looking at the same place as me
Won't you please stay in dreams

Of course, fans lost all chill when the song played out during the pivotal scene...

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