Brendon Urie Had A Hilarious Response To A YouTuber Who Said P!ATD ‘Made Him Gay’

20 April 2018, 12:03

Brendon Urie
Brendon Urie. Picture: getty
Marianne Eloise

By Marianne Eloise

And he reacted like any of us would

Yesterday, YouTuber Joey Graceffa shared his morning playlist with Twitter. He wrote, “Listening to old school Panic At The Disco this morning to get my ass out of bed and to the gym!”, revealing that like most 26-year-olds, he has a little bit of an emo side.

However, making it even better, he quickly followed up with “I blame Brendon Urie for making me gay”. If that wasn’t enough to most Panic! And Graceffa fans everywhere, Brendon even responded – saying (modest as ever) “Who me? Oh my goodness Gracianious” with a cheeky emoji.

Hot damn.

Graceffa tried his best to remain calm, but understandably pretty much failed. Wouldn’t we all?


Fans obviously went wild at this - honestly, iconic - bit of Brendon twitter interaction.

We are crying!

Did Panic! At The Disco make you gay? We think it was the Girls/Girls/Boys video that did it for us tbh.