Brendon Urie Is Over Party trends after old racist and transphobic remarks resurface

23 April 2020, 14:30

Brendon Urie apologises for using a transphobic slur

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

The Panic! At The Disco star is coming under fire for a series of transphobic and racist comments he made in the past.

Brendon Urie Is Over Party trended on Twitter yesterday (Apr 22) after a thread of his problematic moments went viral online.

Last week (Apr 15), Twitter user @dinasapphic tweeted: "actually im just gonna make a thread of shit brendon urie has done for the next time i have to argue with one of his stans". They then listed offensive and questionable things that the Panic! At The Disco frontman has done over the years. The thread gained traction and last night #BrendonUrieIsOverParty trended.

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Now, Panic! fans are defending Brendon and pointing out that he's apologised and grown since doing a lot of these things.

Why did Brendon Urie Is Over Party start trending?

Brendon Urie Is Over Party trends after old transphobic and racist remarks resurface
Brendon Urie Is Over Party trends after old transphobic and racist remarks resurface. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, @brendonurie via Twitch

In the thread, @dinasapphic posted a video from a past concert in which Brendon states: "I wish I was born black so I could wear the clothes I wear without getting made fun of." He then states that black people are able to wear whatever they want but white people aren't.

There is also a video in the thread in which Brendon says to a crowd that he wants to "fuck them whether they want him to or not", comments in which he compares Caitlyn Jenner coming out as trans to Rachel Dolezal claiming she's black and a snippet from an old interview in which he uses a transphobic slur.

Given that many of these comments were made years ago, Panic! fans have rushed to defend Brendon and argue that he's changed and these remarks no longer represent him. In the case of the transphobic slur, Brendon apologised for it in his Twitch livestream. He said: "I am so deeply sorry. I felt sick to my stomach when I realised how hurtful that word is."

A Panic! fan tweeted: "brendon urie is trending for shit he’s done years ago again. i’m not gonna get in on it much but it’s obvious he has changed and he has apologized for all the stuff he’s said in the past. ffs just fucking drop it and move on. focus on the present, not the past. #weloveyoubrendon" [sic].

It's true that many people make mistakes and grow. However, it's not up to Brendon's fans to decide whether or not people hurt by his words forgive him. Even if he has apologised in some cases, it doesn't erase the impact of his words or actions.

As it stands, Brendon hasn't addressed the backlash. We shall update you if he does.