Billie Eilish says her sexuality is no one else's business

24 September 2021, 12:56

Billie Eilish shares hilarious video about having big 'blonkers'

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Billie Eilish was previously accused of queerbaiting in June after captioning a photo: "I love girls".

Billie Eilish has shut down questions about her sexuality in a new Elle cover story and said that it is no one else's "business".

Earlier this year (Jun 10), Billie Eilish shared an array of screenshots from her 'Lost Cause' music video on Instagram. She posted the photos with the caption: "i love girls." Some fans interpreted this as Billie coming out as gay. However, Billie didn't elaborate on the meaning behind the post and fans began to accuse the 18-year-old star of queerbaiting.

Now, Billie has directly responded to the queerbaiting accusations and told people that they need to mind their business.

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Billie Eilish says her sexuality is no one else's business
Billie Eilish says her sexuality is no one else's business. Picture: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA, Darkroom

In an interview with Elle, Billie was asked about the scrutiny surrounding who she dates and what she wears, and she added: "Or my sexuality!" Billie then specified: "Like, oh yeah, that’s everyone else’s business, right? No. Where’s that energy with men? I just wanted to make a song once, and then I kept making songs. I never said, ‘Hey, pay attention to my life.’"

Billie then revealed that she tries her best to avoid giving energy to trolls. She explained: "All my friends know I don’t wanna see any of [the negative chatter]. When people send me something mean, it hurts my soul."

At the time of the accusations, Billie liked a photo saying that her fans are "embarrassing" and shared a selfie with the caption: "I'm tireddddddd".

Elsewhere in the interview, Billie called out people criticising her for changing her image and revealed that she "lost 100,000 followers" over a picture of her boobs. Madonna also defended Billie for wearing exactly what she wants.