Billie Eilish tells fans to "mind their business" following queerbaiting accusations

14 June 2021, 11:58

Billie Eilish wears SKIMS in Lost Cause teaser

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Billie Eilish also faced backlash after problematic posts by her rumoured boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce resurfaced online.

Billie Eilish appears to have responded to accusations of queerbaiting by liking a post telling her fans to mind their business.

Last week (Jun 10), Billie Eilish took to Instagram to share an array of screenshots from her recent 'Lost Cause' music video. She posted the photos with the caption: "i love girls." Some fans interpreted this as Billie coming out as gay. However, Billie didn't elaborate on the meaning behind the post and fans began to accuse the 18-year-old star of queerbaiting.

Billie then came under fire after alleged homophobic and racist posts by her rumoured boyfriend, Matthew Tyler Vorce, went viral online. Now, Billie has seemingly reacted to the conversation surrounding the post and the Matthew backlash.

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On Saturday (Jun 12), fans saw that Billie liked an Instagram post that read: "This fandom is so embarrassing sometimes like why would you go in someone’s comments and say something that you literally don’t even know is true and something y’all LITERALLY MADE UP, sometimes y’all are so dumb. Some of you just need to learn how to mind your business."

It's unclear if Billie liked the post is in reference to the queerbaiting accusations or Matthew's alleged old social media posts, but she then posted a selfie (Jun 13) on Instagram with the caption: "i’m tireeeddddddd".

Following Billie's recent posts and actions, some fans have called her out for ignoring their concern and criticism. One fan tweeted: "Billie eilish ignoring this whole possible queer baiting situation and her whole old ass bf being homophobic and racist then liking a post saying how embarrassing her fandom is, is really fucking disappointing."

Meanwhile, other people have begun defending Billie. One person tweeted: "Saying that billie eilish posting 'i love girls' is queer baiting kinda shows how much women and womens love are sexualised in society by immediately assuming 'i love women' relates to her sexuality as if there are not infinite kinds of love in the world."

As it stands, Billie is yet to say anything more. We shall update you if she does.