Billie Eilish reveals that she refuses to fly in private jets

5 January 2023, 12:15

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Billie EIlish is always looking for ways to reduce her carbon footprint.

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Billie Eilish says she hates taking planes and has revealed that she refuses to fly private jets in a bid to help the environment.

Ever since Billie Eilish first rose to fame, the 21-year-old has used her platform to tackle climate change. From using her tour to help raise money for environmental causes to hosting climate change summits, Billie tries to be as green as a singer can be. Not to mention, Billie is also vegan and often speaks out against how the meat and dairy industry affects the planet.

Now, Billie has opened up about the allure of private jets and why, unlike many of her celebrity peers, she doesn't use them.

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Billie Eilish reveals that she refuses to fly in private jets
Billie Eilish reveals that she refuses to fly in private jets. Picture: Cindy Ord/MG22/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue, @beautifulgreatbillie via Instagram

In a new Vogue profile, Billie discusses climate change with eight environmental activists. Addressing the negative effect that touring has on the planet, Billie says: "I have to take planes. I hate it." The article then specifies: "Unlike other musicians of her stature, Eilish refuses to fly private and is committed to finding unusual workarounds for travel."

Expanding further on Billie's actions, Vogue adds: "Her determination to reduce her carbon footprint resulted in 8.8 million gallons of water saved, and 15,000-plus tonnes of CO2 neutralized, which Reverb’s recently released tour impact report says is “equivalent to taking 3,000 homes off the electric grid for a year.”"

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This isn't the first time that Billie has spoken out against air travel. Appearing on The Howard Stern Show in 2019, Billie said: "I think airplanes as a whole are so wasteful, and are really really affecting the world in not a great way, and the problem is that I have a job where I simply can't not fly."

Discussing private jets specifically, Billie admitted: "Private jets — I want to so bad. And I probably will ... 100 percent I will. But I hope by the time I do, there's a way more green way to do it."

Based on Billie's recent comments, it looks as though she no longer has any intention to fly private.

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