Billie Eilish fan finds jacket given to Billie by another fan in a thrift shop

11 November 2019, 16:13

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

It looks like Billie Eilish has been donating some of her clothes to charity recently.

Billie Eilish may be riding high on the charts with 'bad guy' and about to release a new single 'everything I wanted', however, she's currently breaking the internet for an entirely different reason.

Thrift shops are well known for their hidden treasures but chances are you've never found any of Billie Eilish's clothes in your local store. Well, that all changed recently when a fan of Billie stumbled across a jacket in a thrift shop, which was given to the singer by another fan earlier this year.

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If that weren't wild enough, the fan who initially gave Billie the jacket as a gift confirmed that it was the same jacket he gave to Billie. The whole saga of realising that Billie had given away his gift unfolded on social media.

Billie Eilish just got caught giving away a fan gift to a thrift shop
Billie Eilish just got caught giving away a fan gift to a thrift shop. Picture: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images, @arrrrrleth via Twitter

Taking to Twitter just last week (8 Nov), @arrrrrleth tweeted: "So I was in LA, thrift shopping with my cousin. And we decided to check out this new thrift shop instead of going to the same ones we always go to. My cousin found a jacket and decided to buy it inside of it was a note." Arleth also tweeted a photo of the jacket with the note in the tweet. The note reads: "Stay warm, Billie!" alongside the fan's Instagram and Twitter handle: "@Donnie_Gloede".

Arleth then added: "I found the guys Instagram and there's a pic of him giving the jacket to Billie. He gave.. this jacket... TO BILLIE EILISH." She also tweeted two images from Donnie's Instagram page, which show him giving Billie the jacket along with the note and Billie looking excited to receive them. Arleth ended the thread writing: "So I’m guessing she kept the jacket came back home, and got rid of it and donated it. The end."

On Saturday (9 Nov), Donnie caught wind of the news about his gift and he replied to the thread, tweeting: ":O that’s me!!! @billieeilish I’m sad to see the jacket never kept you warm." Arleth then responded to him: "Omg I’m so sorry at least it’s keeping me warm lol. @billieeilish give @Donnie_Gloede tickets or something and make it up to him."

As it stands, Billie hasn't addressed jacket gate but we imagine there was no ill intent behind her actions. As a popstar, she must receive gifts every day and simply doesn't have the time or wardrobe space to wear all of them. So, instead of letting them go to waste, it looks she gives them to charity. A true eco-queen.

Plus Donnie gave Billie the jacket in March 2018, so she could have even worn it before giving it away. Still, we understand why Donnie may be upset. We shall update you if Billie gets back to him.

Theoretically though this must mean that there are potentially loads more Billie Eilish clothes in thrift shops in LA.

Get in losers, we're going thrift shopping!