55 iconic Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever lyrics that would make perfect Instagram captions

4 August 2021, 17:06

Billie Eilish looks amazing as she stars in Spotify promo to mark album release

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Your comprehensive guide to the best lyrics from Billie Eilish's album Happier Than Ever.

Billie Eilish's second studio album Happier Than Ever is officially here and we're absolutely obsessed with every single track.

Billie's latest project features the hit singles 'My Future', 'Therefore I Am', 'Your Power', 'Lost Cause' and 'NDA' alongside 11 other songs. The album was also co-written and produced by Billie with her older brother Finneas O'Connell (known professionally as FINNEAS) just like WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

As you can imagine, fans have been looking into the lyrics and meanings behind all the heartfelt tracks and have discovered that each track contains the perfect material for Instagram captions. Thankfully, we've done all the heavy lifting for you and combed through every single Happier Than Ever track for all the best lyrics so you don't have to. So, shall we? Here's the best lyrics from Billie Eilish's album Happier Than Ever for your Instagram captions.

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55 iconic Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever lyrics that would make perfect Instagram captions
55 iconic Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever lyrics that would make perfect Instagram captions. Picture: Interscope Records

For when you're deep in your feelings…

"I wish someone had told me I'd be doin' this by myself." - 'Getting Older'

"I'm gettin' older, I've got more on my shoulders." - 'Getting Older'

"Is my value based only on your perception?" - 'Not My Responsibility'

"I'm not about to redesign myself now, am I?" - 'OverHeated'

"In my dreams, I seem to be more honest." - 'Halley's Comet'

"I think, therefore, I am." - 'Therefore I Am'

"I was good at feeling nothin', now I'm hopeless." - 'Halley's Comet'

For your most scandalous thirst traps…

"Strangers seem to want me more than anyone before." - 'Getting Older'

"You can't give me up." - 'NDA'

"A lot can happen in the dark." - 'Billie Bossa Nova'

"You know I need you for the oxytocin." - 'Oxytocin'

"You better lock your door and look at me a little more." - 'Billie Bossa Nova'

"At least I gave him something he can cry about." - 'NDA'

"Didn't change my number, made him shut his mouth (his mouth)." - 'NDA'

"You know I love to rub it in like lotion." - 'Oxytocin'

For when you're going through a break up…

"Thought you would've grown eventually, but you proved me wrong." - 'Lost Cause'

"I worry this is how I'm always gonna feel." - 'Male Fantasy'

"I sent you flowers / Did you even care?" - 'Lost Cause'

"When I'm away from you I'm happier than ever." - 'Happier Than Ever'

"I thought that I was special." - 'Your Power'

"Can't take it back once it's been set in motion." - 'Oxytocin'

"Thought you had your shit together, but damn, I was wrong." - 'Lost Cause'


For when you want to just post your selfie and GO…

"Give me a day or two to think of something clever." - 'Happier Than Ever'

"Top of the world, but your world isn't real." - 'Therefore I Am'

"I thought about my future but I want it now." - 'NDA'

"I can't stand the dialogue." - 'Male Fantasy'

"Get my pretty name outta your mouth." - 'Therefore I Am'

"Everybody dies, that's what they say." - 'Everybody Dies'

"Love when it comes without a warning." - 'Billie Bossa Nova'

"You ain't nothin' but a lost cause." - 'Lost Cause'

For when you want to indirect your ex…

"I didn't change my number, I only changed who I believe in." - 'I Didn’t Change My Number'

"I love that you're mad at my text." - 'I Didn’t Change My Number'

"You ruined everything good." - 'Happier Than Ever'

"Don't take it out on me / I'm out of sympathy for you." - 'I Didn’t Change My Number'

"Just fuckin' leave me alone." - 'Happier Than Ever'

"I wondered if you're aware that day was the last straw for me." - 'Lost Cause'

"If you could take it all back, would you?" - 'Your Power'

"You couldn't save me but you can't let me go." - 'NDA'

For when you want to clap back at the haters…

"Would you like me to be smaller, weaker, softer, taller?" - 'Not My Responsibility'

"Did you think I'd show up in a limousine? No." - 'NDA'

"If I shed the layers, I'm a slut." - 'Not My Responsibility'

"I know you think you're such an outlaw." - 'Lost Cause'


For when you're trying to get your crush's attention…

"But there's something 'bout the way you look tonight." - 'Billie Bossa Nova'

"I wanna do bad things to you." - 'Oxytocin'

"I loved you then, and I love you now." - 'Male Fantasy'

"I can crave you, but you don't need to know." - 'NDA'

"If you only pray on Sunday / Could you come my way on Monday?" - 'Oxytocin'

"You're sacred and they're starved." - 'GOLDWING'

"I used to wish you were mine." - 'Lost Cause'

"I'll see you in a couple years." - 'My Future'

"Gonna claim you like a souvenir." - 'GOLDWING'

For your group pics…

"Don't you get sick of posin' for pictures." - 'OverHeated'

"I don't talk shit about you on the internet." - 'Happier Than Ever'

"We're just pretending to be alright." - 'Male Fantasy'

"They're gonna tell you what you wanna hear." - 'GOLDWING'