Fans comfort Billie Eilish after she bursts into tears and runs offstage

10 September 2019, 14:49

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Aww, poor Billie 😢

Billie Eilish hasn't stopped since securing a number one album, countless fashion collabs and magazine front covers, throughout 2019. In between all of that, she's been touring but it has taken a toll on her body. The 'bury a friend' singer's gruelling tour schedule has resulted in two sprained ankles and one happened when she was on stage.

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In August, Billie was performing her hit single 'bad guy' at Italy's Milano Rocks Festival when she got a little too pumped. As she energetically jumped up and down to the music, she sprained her ankle. Billie has previously admitted to being injury prone, even stabbing herself in the hand with her own nails and ripping one completely off. Yikes.

Billie Eilish performs live on stage at Milano Rocks.
Billie Eilish performs live on stage at Milano Rocks. Picture: PA Images

Billie had already injured her other ankle a few weeks earlier while in Los Angeles, and the pain became too much.

The talented teenager had to sit down on the stage mid-show and she began to explain what happened to her cheering fans. "Dude, I sprained my ankle immediately," she began. "That’s so embarrassing. Ugh, and dude, I sprained this one, like, a month ago. This shit hurts.

"It’s so stupid because I’m, like, choked up right now because I’d rather not do a show than do a crappy version for you, like I just want to give you a good show, like I can’t."

The tears began to flow, and Billie added: "Oh, this is so trash. This is literally a nightmare for real. I can’t do this. I’m sorry, bro," before running off the stage.


Billie's fans rallied around her and urged her not to put so much pressure on herself.

Luckily, like the trooper she is, Billie soldiered on for the rest of her tour dates. She's currently scheduled to perform at the Music Midtown Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, this Saturday (14 September). Go Billie!