Billie Eilish anime merch collection removed after plagiarised artwork controversy

12 August 2019, 15:31

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A Billie Eilish collaboration with Siberia Hills has been removed after the brand apologised for "taking from" a popular online anime artist. The merch featured fan art of Nozomi from 'Love Live'.

Items from the Billie Eilish X Siberia Hills collaboration have been pulled after the brand admitted to "taking from" an artist's work for the capsule collection. The anime-inspired streetwear collection was available through Billie Eilish's merch portal, however, the designs have since been taken down following the revelation that Siberia Hills used the artwork of a creator known as @m_qurokawa on Twitter.

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Billie previously promoted the collaboration on Instagram and Twitter, though Siberia Hills make clear that Billie and her team were unaware of the stolen artwork.

In Siberia Hills' apology, they wrote:

"To the talented artist Mr. Qurokawa, we apologize for taking from your artwork for our merchandise collection with Billie Eilish. Billie and her team were not aware that we used your art, they just believed in the product.

"We were the creative force behind this collaboration. To Billie and her fans, we apologize for causing this issue. These items will not be released. To those who already purchased, you will be refunded."

@m_qurokawa also addressed the situation, tweeting that he had been made aware that his fan illustrations of Nozomi from Love Live! (an existing copyrighted character) were being used without his permission.

Before Siberia Hills admitted to using the artwork without permission, plenty of people called out the blunder.

All mentions of the collaboration have been scrubbed from Billie's social media accounts, though she has not addressed the artwork blunder, specifically.

Siberia Hills have also promised refunds for those who ordered items from the capsule collection.