Amy Winehouse Dresses Worth £130,000 Stolen From Her Home

1 November 2012, 11:21

The items, which had been due to go up for auction, were taken from the late singer's Camden home.

Two dresses worn by Amy Winehouse and believed to be worth £130,000 have been stolen from the home where she died.

The late 'Back To Black' singer's wedding dress and a cocktail dress she famously wore on TV were set to be auctioned for the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was set up following the star's death last year.

Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father, called the theft "sickening" and said the dresses had huge "sentimental value" to the Winehouse family.

The singer's family are currently in the process of selling the Camden home where she lived.

"The house in Camden is being sold so all of her possessions have been tagged, numbered and logged in preparation of storage," Mitch told The Sun.

"There was a window of about two days while that process was underway when the dresses could have been taken.

"A few people were involved and there was some coming and going. We're going through everything else to see what else, if anything, has been lifted. We are all baffled as to why some of her designer dresses didn’t go too. There were a couple from Dolce & Gabbana worth a fortune.

Amy Winehouse and Mitch Winehouse hugging

"Her wedding dress was only a little cotton thing, a hundred quid at best in the shops. Whoever nicked it realised its significance and knew it had an extra value."

The two dresses had been tipped to raise £130,000 at an auction set to take place in New York.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has already raised over £1 million since the star's death in 2011.