The lowdown on TikTok's 'attractiveness scale' - and how to get it

20 July 2021, 15:13

The lowdown on TikTok's 'attractiveness scale' - and how to get it
The lowdown on TikTok's 'attractiveness scale' - and how to get it. Picture: Getty / TikTok

This TikTok filter tells you exactly how hot you are...sort of.

Anyone who's used the short-form video platform will know that trends and challenges are churned out like there's no tomorrow.

One of the latest fads? A filter that tells you "how hot you are".

That's right - someone has put together an "attractiveness scale", which tells you whether you're a looker or not.

Already, the #attractivenessscale has racked up over 6million views, and continues to increase in popularity.

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So, what is it exactly? Here's everything you need to know...

What is TikTok's "attractiveness scale"?

Effectively, the "attractive scale" is a filter that tells you "how hot you are".

After taking a selfie video, the feature will compare you to your celebrity lookalikes - and rank you out of ten.

Each celebrity has already been assigned a rating, with the likes of Tom Cruise and The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder coming up trumps.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling is ranked at level 6 hotness (lol) and Daniel Kaluuya is rated a 6/10.

To get a 10/10, a man must have "exceptional hygiene and perfect traits for their faces. They will put hours into their appearance every day even if they are genetically gifted in the face."

On the female chart, Amy Schumer takes the top spot, while models Miranda Kerr and Adriana Lima have been rated a nine.

According to the filter, a 9/10 is a woman who is “extremely attractive – most people will agree she is hot or stunning."

They also have "two or more great body parts" and "perfect teeth" - because somehow it can detect how clean you are. Hmm...

Now, of course it isn't *exactly* scientific - with one user scoring 10/10 on the male chart and a brutal 2/10 on the female scale.

A non-binary user also tested out both scales - ranking 10/10 on the male chart and 8/10 on the female one.

How do I get it?

If you're desperate to find out how the filter rates you, you can do so by downloading the so-called "incel attractiveness chart" here.

You'll then need to use the shapeshifter filter on TikTok to find out which celebrity you match on the scale.