This is where you can get Bhad Bhabie's Snapchat bag

31 January 2019, 14:01

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

It's Jeffree Star approved.

Bhad Bhabie featured in one of Jeffree Star's YouTube videos and they're the iconic duo we didn't even know we needed. Known for being one of the most shady YouTubers on the planet, Jeffree always gives the most scathing reviews and he wasn't about to hold back about Bhad Bhabie's Copy Cat Beauty makeup line.

The "Gucci Flip Flops" rapper reportedly got paid almost $1 million for teaming up with the makeup brand, which copies items from luxury makeup companies and sells them at a cheaper price, and naturally Jeffree had to give his opinion on it. So Bhad Bhabie paid a visit to his mansion to drop off some pieces from her collaboration.

Bhad Bhabie pulled palettes, lip glosses and highlighters, out of an adorable backpack, shaped just like the Snapchat logo. "This is iconic, can I have the Snapchat backpack – just for a week?" Jeffree begged.

Danielle Bregoli attends the Day N Night Festival/Snapchat ghost backpack
Here's exactly where you can buy Bhad Bhabie's Snapchat bag. Picture: Getty/Amazon

Now everyone wants one and if you don't fancy prying the bag from Jeffree's hands then luckily we have the hook up.

The official Snapchat backpack is sold exclusively on Amazon for just $44.99. And compared to Jeffree's preference of Louis Vuitton and Gucci, it's practically a steal.

The backpack is shaped like Snapchat's winking ghost, with a cute zipper tongue on the front pocket. But, sadly, it's currently out of stock. People are even selling second hand ones from $100 online.

Jeffree Star and Bhad Bhabie review video
Jeffree Star and Bhad Bhabie with Snapchat bag. Picture: YouTube/JeffreeStar

Bhad Bhabie wasn't just carrying the Snapchat bag for nothing, of course. She was plugging her new reality show, Bringing Up Bhabie, which launches on Snapchat on February 4. The fly-on-the wall series will reveal the highs and lows of being an unpredictable, teenage superstar rapper with a huge entourage – a match made in must-see TV heaven.

"It's really just showing people my real life," she explained to Jeffree. "One of the things I'm saying all the time is I need my own show because I'm just a naturally funny person. And the people I be around is just like the perfect mix so I was just like… we need a TV show."