Shane Dawson Conspiracy palette: Release date, prices, eyeshadow shades and all the merch so far

30 October 2019, 11:10

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

When does Shane Dawson's eyeshadow palette launch with Jeffree Star? Here's everything we know so far about the whole 'Conspiracy' collection launching on Friday November 1st - including where to buy and prices.

After being teased for almost a year now, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's makeup collaboration is just weeks away from dropping right into our laps.

The 'Conspiracy' collection, which is based on Shane's popular YouTube series, is set to include two eyeshadow palettes, a collection of liquid lipsticks and a whole bunch of other killer merch and apparel.

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Shane has been documenting the process of creating a palette from scratch in his new Jeffree Star documentary series. The series is set to be released in 9 parts – with the collection set to launch on Friday November 1st.

Here's everything we know so far, including the release date, release time, all the shades available in the palette and everything included in the Jeffree x Shane collection.

When will the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson 'Conspiracy' eyeshadow palette be on sale?

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Conspiracy makeup collection: release date and product list
Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Conspiracy makeup collection: release date and product list. Picture: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Shane Dawson 'Conspiracy' eyeshadow palette release date

In episode 4 ('The $20 Million Dollar Deal With Jeffree Star'), Jeffree and Shane confirmed that the palette and full collection will launch on Friday November 1st.

The collection will launch on at 10am PST/1pm EST. Depending on where you are in the world, your launch time will correspond to that US launch time.

Jeffree x Shane Conspiracy collection prices: Where to buy and what products will be released?

It's now been confirmed that Shane and Jeffree will be releasing the following products. Here are all the prices:

• The 'Conspiracy' palette (18 shades) - $52

• The 'Mini-Controversy' palette (9 shades) - $28

• Shane x Jeffree Palette Bundle - $72

• Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection Bundle (All Makeup + Black Imprint Travel Bag) - $210

• 6 liquid lipsticks - $18 each, $90 for the vault

• 1 clear Gloss - $18

• Two Pig handheld mirrors (one pink and one black) - $30 each

• A selection of pink and black make up bags - $30-$40 each

• A 'Diet Shane' lip balm - $18

• Shane x Jeffree Tracksuit - Jacket: $55, Joggers: $45.

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Shane's merch collaboration with Jeffree's Killer Merch company has now been released – and is currently sold out awaiting restock at

The collection includes hoodies, backpacks, slides, hats, phone cases and joggers. You can find all the products and prices here.

Shane Dawson Conspiracy collection: All the products including eyeshadow palettes and pig mirrors
Shane Dawson Conspiracy collection: All the products including eyeshadow palettes and pig mirrors. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

Conspiracy collection lipsticks: What are the lipstick colours?

In episode 4, Shane and Jeffree revealed the velour liquid lipstick shades and their names. The six liquid lips will be presented in a pig box set. They will likely be sold individually and available in a box set.

'Shane' (a golden brown with a metallic finish)

'Ryland' (a shimmery nude pink)

'Are You Filming?' (a bold red matte)

'I Gotta Go' (a shimmering metallic bronze)

'Jeffree, What The Fuck?' (a deep striking pink matte)

'Oh My God' (a candy pink matte)

'Shane Glossin'' (a clear crystal gloss - sold separately from the liquid lip vault set.)

'Diet Shane' (A lip balm, sold separately.)

Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star liquid lip shades
Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star liquid lip shades. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

Conspiracy palette colours: What shades will be included?

In the third episode of the docu-series, Shane revealed the colours that would be featuring in the collection, alongside all the shade names.

The selection features a series of neutral shades, pinks, purples, maroons, blues and blacks with one absolutely wild yellow shade inspired by the background of all Shane's food videos. All the colours are both a mixture of matte and metallic finishes.

After several intense shade arrangement sessions, the final palette layouts were revealed in episode 6.

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The Conspiracy palette will consist of 18 shades: Ranch, My Pills, Tanacon, Diet Root Beer, Just A Theory, Spiraling, Conspiracy, Pig-Ment, Food Videos, Trisha, Cheese Dust, Flaming Hot, What's The Tea?, Diet Cola, Not A Fact, Sleep Paralysis, Illuminatea, My Ride's Here.

The Mini Controversy palette will consist of 9 shades: Flat Earth, Cry On My Couch, My Boyfriend's Purse, Controversy, Diet Root Beer, My Apology, Exposed, Cancelled, The Simulation.

(The unnamed green metallic shade that was revealed in episode 4 will not feature in either collection, so here's hoping for Shane x Jeffree part 2.)

Here's a closer look at the designs that will be stamped onto the powders. The final palette also includes an illuminati eye with a tear drop, a steering wheel and Shane's new 'SD' logo.

Shane reveals the images that'll be pressed onto his palette shades
Shane reveals the images that'll be pressed onto his palette shades. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

What will the Conspiracy palette and packaging look like?

Episode 5 ('The Failure of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson') saw Shane reject almost all of the first round of palette designs. While suggesting black and white spirals as well as a vintage TV with a clasp that opens when you turn the dial, the vibe wasn't right and the team went back to the drawing board.

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In episode 6, the final design was revealed. The Conspiracy palette will sit within a subtle pyramid black case, similar to Jeffree's Blood Sugar and Blue Blood palettes, and will arrive in a black and white spiral sleeve with gold lettering. The Mini Controversy palette is black with holographic static and will come with another static sleeve.

The Liquid Lipsticks will be the same design as Jeffree's, but instead of pink, they will be black. The clear gloss is also the same as Jeffree's gloss, but features metallic black detailing.

The first look at the official Conspiracy eyeshadow palette design
The first look at the official Conspiracy eyeshadow palette design. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

The first promotional images have already been released and they look incredible. So far, we've seen Shane and Jeffree posing in front of a big black and white spiral and the two of them in some glamorous underground bunker.

Episode 6 teases even more promo images that are still yet to be released.