This is why you keep getting headaches in quarantine

19 May 2020, 16:48

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Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

While we're all in lockdown, more and more of us seem to be experiencing frequent headaches - but what causes them?

We're almost 60 days into coronavirus lockdown, and yes, we all have headaches too. If you've noticed the dull ache that's started plaguing your daily routine of watching Netflix and scrolling Instagram, there's actually a good reason for it, and most others are going through it too.

It's fair to say that our routines have changed drastically over the past few months - we're spending more time than ever before indoors, socially isolated from our friends, and have some serious anxiety about what the current pandemic holds, and it turns out they're all contributing factors as to why you may find yourself a little under the weather.

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The changes to our daily routines could be messing with our bodies.
The changes to our daily routines could be messing with our bodies. Picture: Getty/E!

In fact, migraines thrive on disruption to our routines, and now that we're feeling more anxious than ever, we're exercising less, eating worse, and drinking more caffeine without even realising, as well as putting headache-causing strain on our necks as we lean over to scroll on our phones for the 10th time that day.

So how can we combat it?

Well, according to doctors, it's unfortunately going to make our lives even more boring (who knew that was possible?)

While anxiety itself doesn’t cause headaches, Dr Mark Weatherall, a neurology specialist (particularly in headaches) told Dazed, that if you are a person who is prone to headaches, the bad news is that the current situation is only going to heighten them: "It's good to have a sensible lifestyle: keep yourself well hydrated, not overdo the caffeine, no more than a couple of caffeinated drinks a day. Eat regular meals, keep to regular sleep habits. Exercise regularly."

As well as making sure we have good sleeping patterns, if you're working from home, it's time to make some adjustments - and luckily for you, take more breaks.

Make sure you have a good workspace set up with an elevated screen that is level with your eyes and to take five minute breaks every hour to get up, stretch, get a drink and take a break from staring at your screen. Sounds appealing to us.

It can also help to take vitamin supplements if you don't already, including B2 and magnesium, both of which help prevent migraines, and taking a pain reliever such as paracetamol when you feel the early onset of one can supposedly help stop it in its tracks all together.

Fifty more days of Animal Crossing-playing, we're ready for you.

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