Oh Polly is being called out for creating a separate Instagram page for plus size models

15 May 2019, 17:19

Oh Polly is being called out for creating a separate Instagram page for plus size models
Oh Polly is being called out for creating a separate Instagram page for plus size models. Picture: Instagram:@ohpollyinclusive/@ohpolly
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"They have literally ostracised everyone that isn't skinny or white."

Whilst some fashion brands are nailing it on the inclusivity front and taking a leap in the right direction, others are failing. Miserably. Case in point Oh Polly, who are being dragged for setting up an "inclusive" Instagram page dedicated to diversity, apparently.

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The clothing brand is a firm favourite with Instagram influencers, who often feature on their main Instagram page. However, their aesthetic is pretty clear to see – white, perma-tanned and thin.

So, that's probably why they decided to capitalise on the whole body positivity movement and set up a separate page. The brand announced they would be setting up a new Instagram account called Oh Polly Inclusive with a clear aim: "The page is about creating a community where we will spread empowering content and explore inclusive themes and ideas." Right...

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The page claimed it would be posting looks created by customers and give behind the scenes access into the lives of our favourite models, whilst it also imposed a zero tolerance policy on making negative comments. Soon, Oh Polly Inclusive started sharing pictures of models with darker skin and fuller figures.

However, people criticised the brand for simply "segregating" anyone who was not white or slim from their main page. Could they not just have made their main page... more inclusive!?

It also reeked of simply jumping on the inclusivity bandwagon. Brands will include people of different shapes, sizes and shades to appear inclusive but really it's all just to make money.

Oh Polly pretty much triggered everyone on Twitter.

Someone clearly called them out on one of their Instagram posts, and they replied: "Thanks for your very valid point. This page is not just about different body types! This is about celebrating a wider range of people in our community that are not necessarily professional models or popular influencers. We will also be exploring different themes and post types with less focus on likes or engagement."

They added: "We're also going to block anyone causing drama, body shaming, being abusive to our gals or generally be negative. Feel free to comment on what you want to see more of!"

Well, the backlash obviously got too much for Oh Polly because the brand deleted the Instagram page and the tweet promoting it...


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