QUIZ: We know what kind of mum you’ll be based on these parenting questions

19 March 2020, 09:25

Pandora Mother's Day Collection 2020
Pandora Mother's Day Collection 2020. Picture: Pandora

By PopBuzz

Think you'd be a cool mum? Well there's only one way to find out...

Do you remember being at school and thinking how everyone else's parents seemed so much more fun and relaxed than your own? Or perhaps you were one of the lucky ones whose parents would let you go to every party or sleepover. That was definitely not the case for us!

So what type of parent do you think you'd be? Do you think you'd be super strict or will you be a cool mum like Mrs George? (We wish!)

This Mother's Day (March 22nd) we're partnering with Pandora to celebrate the special lady in our life. We've put together this quiz to find out which type of mum you'll be in the future. Hit play on the quiz below to find out!

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