Mercury Retrograde falls on Halloween this year and it's going to be terrifying

16 October 2019, 17:09

Outer space exploration with Mars planet, Cheryl Blossom screaming.
Outer space exploration with Mars planet, Cheryl Blossom screaming. Picture: Artur Debat/Getty Images, The CW
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Mercury is in retrograde during Halloween – what could possibly go wrong?

Spooky season is arguably the best time of year. When else is it acceptable to binge watch horror movies, dress up as your favourite Stranger Things character, and eat sweets meant for the kids in your neighbourhood?

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Well, this year Halloween is going to be even scarier than ever because October 31 marks the beginning of the last Mercury retrograde of 2019. To make matters worse, Mercury will be in Scorpio this time round, which means this could be the most intense and emotional period of the year.

You'll probably know by now what happens when Mercury is in retrograde. Because Mercury is the planet of information, technology and communication, when it's in retrograde (when a planet appears to be moving "backward") it usually spells bad news for the general order of our lives.

Keep hold of your personal belongings, because it's the season of collectively smashing your phone screen, bumping into that ex and making important slip-ups at work. Great.


When is the next Mercury retrograde in 2019 and when is it over?

Retrogrades are always trying times, but when this one kicks off on October 31, things are about to get pretty intense. This time, Mercury is retrograding through one of the least popular signs – Scorpio. Scorpios get a bad rap as it is because of their obsessive, paranoid, passionate and no-nonsense nature. Scorpios are never scared to touch upon those taboo questions – no matter how uncomfortable it might make anyone around them.

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"Emotional intimacy can be deepened by truth-telling and even more so by truth-hearing but beware of possibly treacherous waters ahead – if you ask for the truth from your partner, you’d better be ready for whatever they have to say," Pandora Astrology warns.

Pandora Astrology continues: "Mercury in Scorpio can test you in the deepest regions of intimacy, whether the intimacy in question is emotional, sexual or financial."

Basically, we're about to get a triple dose of truth serum for the next three weeks. Topics that haven't been settled will be thrown into the open and *hopefully* there will be some healing… or arguments. And that coupled with the already spooky Halloween energy? It's going to be a tough one, y'all.


Don't worry though, it'll all be over come 20 November. Until then, there's plenty of things we can do to avoid feeding into the negativity this period might bring. Double check your emails, leave the house a little earlier than usual and perhaps have a bath using one of Lush Cosmetics' Mercury Retrograde bath bombs.

Apparently, they'll take the edge off of this particularly chaotic planetary shift, and at this rate we're up for trying anything.