McDonald's just roasted Balenciaga's "chip box" shoes

18 February 2019, 17:24

Balenciaga mules/McDonald's shoes
McDonald's just roasted Balenciaga's "chip box" shoes. Picture: Balenciaga/Instagram/@mcdonaldssverige

By Jazmin Duribe

We'll take three pairs and a Big Mac, please.

In August 2018, Balenciaga released a pair of bright red square-toed mules which – lets be completely honest – looked a like a McDonald's french fry carton. Now the fast food chain are threatening to release their own version and we're screaming.

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McDonald's Sweden posted an image to their Instagram page of someone actually wearing McDonald's chip cartons as shoes and they're practically the same as the Balenciaga Square-Toe Leather Mules. They didn't tag Balenciaga but… if the shoe fits.

McDonald's are even considering releasing the shoes. Sure, you probably wouldn't want to get caught in the rain with them on but the Balenciaga versions are selling for $545, while you can get two large portions of fries for £1.39 – and you get to eat them first.

However, we might be in for a little wait if we'd like to cop some McDonald's fashion. Someone's been taking some inspo from the World Record Egg and now McDonald's are saying they'll release the shoes if they get 103042 likes on their Instagram post.

They've got a long way to go though, they've managed just over 27,000 likes so far – internet, it's your time to shine.