Manny MUA is being accused of 'ripping off' another MUA without credit

11 December 2019, 17:04

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

YouTuber Eveline Blomfeldt has called out Manny MUA and told him to "come up with his own looks".

Manny MUA is coming under fire over accusations that he's copied an Eveline Blomfeldt makeup look without crediting her.

Manny MUA is no stranger to controversy. The 28-year-old, beauty vlogger is currently preparing to launch his first collection with Morphe but, just last year, Manny found himself at the centre of a massive scandal involving Laura Lee, Jeffree Star and Gabriel Zamora. The former YouTuber pals had a major falling out and many of their past racist tweets resurfaced online.

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Now Manny if facing backlash for a completely different reason. Popular Swedish YouTuber Eveline Blomfeldt, who is known for her fantastical makeup looks, has called out Manny for recreating one of her styles and passing it off as his own.

Manny MUA is being accused of 'ripping off' another MUA without credit
Manny MUA is being accused of 'ripping off' another MUA without credit. Picture: @mannymua733 via Instagram, @evelinesmakeup via Instagram

Taking to Twitter over the weekend (Dec 7), Eveline wrote: "I really can’t stop being annoyed over how someone this big of a influencer can just take credit for something I came up with???! Come up with your own looks or give credit where credit is due jesus [sic]".

She added: "I’ve been to busy to have time to even adress [sic] this but i’m getting new messages everyday about someone new giving him credit and i’m so dooooneeeee by now".

Eveline then continued: "To clarify: I am the original creator, I made this look a year ago, he then recreated it A YEAR AGO and gave me credit last year. Now he posted it again without mentioning me and people now assume it’s his look. How are people gonna know that it’s my look from a year ago?".

Eveline also tweeted: "If you have that big of a platform as he has, he should give a small creator like me credit now to [sic]. Because now a looot of people are doing this look and i’m not mentioned anywhere anymore."

Eveline then posted an example of someone recreating the look and crediting Manny instead of her.

The tweet quickly amassed hundreds of likes and retweets as people began defending Eveline and calling on Manny to give her credit. A person replied: "Manny has a history of doing this, as well as taking video ideas from small youtubers and not crediting them. I don't understand why it's so hard for these huge creators to lift up the people they take ideas from, and give credit where its due".

Another wrote: "they just google or see it on someone that stole the look from you, the way look’s [sic] go viral and get re used over and over without the trace of giving proper credit is so beyond wrong. it should be against the law and a copyright infringement doing this shit. periodT."

As it stands, Manny is yet to address the backlash or credit Eveline properly. We shall update you if he does.

You can follow Eveline on Instagram and check out all of her looks: HERE.

What do you think? Is Manny out of line?