QUIZ: How well do you know these lesbian slang phrases?

28 May 2021, 15:15

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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Gold star lesbians to the front please.

It's Pride month, and just because we're still social distancing, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate and live our best queer lives, henny.

Back in 2019, we made a video with our friends at PinkNews about the often-hilarious world of lesbian slang (special thanks to Abi McIntosh for putting the original list together).

To make sure you were paying attention, we thought we'd turn that video into a quiz to test your knowledge (if you didn't catch it the first time around, just type in 'Lesbian Slang' into Snap Discover to watch the video).

So, do you know your Hundred Footer from your Dykon? Hit play on the quiz below to test your knowledge.

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