Kylie Jenner faces backlash over new "money themed" makeup collection

3 August 2019, 17:03


By PopBuzz

Kylie has since revealed that she will be giving away proceeds from her new money-themed makeup collection arriving just in time for her 22nd birthday on August 10.

At 21 years old Kylie Jenner has already nabbed the title of world's youngest "self-made" billionaire. Lip kits and other products sold under her Kylie Cosmetics umbrella have sent her net worth sky rocketing in recent years. Kylie's latest money themed collection, however, has fans branding the mogul "tone deaf" while some are even accusing her of "flaunting" her wealth.

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On August 1, Kylie previewed her upcoming birthday collection which is, you guessed it, all about money. It features products with money themed packaging and slogans like "You're So Money", "Once in A Billion", and "Work For It".

Kylie Jenner Instagram stories money makeup theme
Kylie Jenner Instagram stories money makeup theme. Picture: Kylie Jenner Instagram Stories

Dollar signs have been pressed into highlighters and eyeshadows and it looks like Kylie's money collection really leans into the theme. While many of her fans were excited to try the new products, the over the top theme caused plenty of conversation on social media.

"Looks like Kylie Jenner is ready to make everyone feel poor and show off what it’s like being born into money again," tweeted one person.

"Don’t get me wrong I like Kylie Jenner but her money collection is completely tasteless and tone deaf. Sorry boo. Not cute," said another.

Basically, Twitter had major thoughts about Kylie's money themed collection.

In Kylie's defence, she has since revealed via her Instagram stories that she intends to donate the money. Though she has not yet specified who will benefit.

“All I wanted for my birthday was to do this money collection and give it all away," she explained.

Kylie has also promised that she is collaborating with a "special person" on the collection.

Kylie's money themed birthday collection arrives August 10.