Kim Kardashian accused of "blackface" in her 7Hollywood cover

20 December 2019, 11:37

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Kimberly has done it again.

Kim Kardashian is being accused of "blackface" or "blackfishing" (again) following her new cover shoot with 7Hollywood, an LA-based bi-annual fashion magazine. Blackfishing is the act of darkening your skin or changing your features to appear black. It's very problematic and has been called the modern day equivalent of blackface.

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For the shoot, Kim was supposed to be channeling Elizabeth Taylor. In an attempt to recreate some old Hollywood glamour, Kim sported a short brown wig and a gigantic pearl necklace. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star also wore a black sequin dress designed by Manfred Thierry Mugler, who also created her Met Gala 2019 dress.

Kim Kardashian West attends the WSJ Magazine 2019 Innovator Awards
Kim Kardashian West attends the WSJ Magazine 2019 Innovator Awards. Picture: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

However, it appears the internet wasn't getting Elizabeth Taylor vibes from Kim (who is half Armenian), noting that her skin tone is looking much darker than usual. Now, it's highly possible that it's just case of OTT lighting because Kim doesn't look as dark in other images from the spread. It could also be a spray tan.

Whatever it is, the internet was having none of it.

Kim is yet to respond to the criticism but it wouldn't be the first time she's been accused of darkening her skin to look black. In 2017, Kim was accused of wearing blackface during a KKW Beauty campaign. She later apologised for any offence caused in an interview with the New York Times.

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She said: "I would obviously never want to offend anyone. I used an amazing photographer and a team of people. I was really tan when we shot the images, and it might be that the contrast was off. But I showed the image to many people, too many in the business. No one brought that to our attention. No one mentioned it.

"Of course, I have the utmost respect for why people might feel the way they did. But we made the necessary changes to that photo and the rest of the photos. We saw the problem, and we adapted and changed right away. Definitely I have learned from it."

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