Kanye West is being sued for over $600,000 over his YEEZY fashion line

25 January 2019, 11:31

Kanye West performs onstage at the Power 106 Powerhouse show at Honda Center
Kanye West is being sued for over $600,000. Picture: Getty
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The lawsuit has been filed against the "Famous" rapper personally and his YEEZY clothing line.

If Kanye West isn't making headlines for doing something wild, it's a miracle. Today, Ye is being sued by Japanese fabric company Toki Sen-I Co. for over $600,000, according to reports from TMZ.

Toki Sen-I Co. claim that it hasn't received payment for a large order Kanye made for his YEEZY line in June 2018. Court documents allege that YEEZY agreed they would pay Toki Sen-I Co. $624,000 of fleece fabric, but Kanye has failed to do so, backing out of the deal via e-mail.

YEEZY and Toki Sen-I Co have been working together since 2015 and have had no issues until now. The textile brand claim they have offered numerous payment plans but are yet to receive a dime.


And because the fabric requested is so specific, Toki Sen-I Co. have been unable to sell on the 53,500 yards of textiles to cover the cost. Now they want $624,000 reimbursement with storage fees – yikes.

In 2016, Kanye claimed he was $53million in debt after putting his money into his YEEZY clothing line. The luxury brand, which Kanye launched in 2015, has always been killing it with its footwear sales but the clothing hasn't always been as successful.


PopBuzz have contacted YEEZY for comment.