Jeffree Star defends $50 'Extreme Frost' highlighter after criticism

27 November 2019, 15:54


By PopBuzz

"Jeffree Star is really bold out here selling a 50 dollar highlighter"

To celebrate the 5th birthday of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the YouTube beauty community Kingpin Jeffree Star is dropping a handful of products including a new set of 5 mini liquid lipsticks, two new mirrors, a series of new Mystery Boxes and the brightest highlighter you've ever seen.

'Extreme Frost' is Jeffree's fourth highlighter formula, following 'Skin Frost', 'Liquid Frost' and 'Supreme Frost' but this new one is "for the CRAZY highlight addicts." It will also become part of the permanent collection.

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The highlighters, that create a wet glass effect on the skin, come in three different 'colours'. There's one with green undertones called 'Sour Ice', one with blue undertones called 'Gag Me' and one with pink undertones called, uhhh, 'Lick My Glit'.

The vegan highlighters have a brand new pigmented formula and will set you back a hefty $50...each. They arrive in faux leather boxes and are exclusive to the JSC website but a limited amount will also be available on Beautylish.

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Of course, the high price point has caused a huge debate online. Some fans understood the reasoning behind the price, writing: "It’s pure pigment guys stop complaining about the price omfg," while others called out Jeffree by pointing out that he literally just called Jaclyn Hill's similarly priced highlighters too expensive.

Preempting the backlash over the price point of the highlighters, Jeffree wrote on Twitter: "I made the #ExtremeFrost formula for bougie makeup loves who love luxury cosmetics and crazy shit. The formula is really expensive to make so I had to price it accordingly."

"Of course #JeffreeStarCosmetics currently offers 3 other highlighter formulas! This new product is next level blinding and not for the faint of heart. If the price point is not for you, no worries, grab a #SkinFrost and still shine."

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Explaining further on his Instagram story, Jeffree said: "This gorgeous formula is very pricey to make. It comes in a vegan leather box, all white with the stamp... This is pure pigment, no filler, no crazy ingredients."

As part of his huge Black Friday deals, Jeffree is also dropping the price of everything on his site. Highlighters will be 35% off for those that are desperate for a JSC glo up.