Jeffree Star's next Liquid Lipstick collection might've been leaked in Shane Dawson's video

7 November 2019, 12:37

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Does Jeffree Star ever rest?

Jeffree Star is insanely busy right now, so you would think after the release of the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy palette he would probably just take some much-needed time off. Oh no, he's giving the fans what they want โ€“ another liquid lip set.

Fans think Jeffree Star Cosmetics will release a new Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Set named Queen Bitch. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the unreleased kit in Shane Dawson's latest documentary episode "The Conspiracy Collection Reveal" and it was stacked right on top of his famous Blue Blooded lip collection.

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In the video, we see Shane and Jeffree finally get a glimpse of their finished products after a year of hard work. It was incredibly emotional for Shane, who showed off the collection to his closest friends and walked around the factory to see all his palettes being formed.

Jeffree Star's new 'Queen Bitch' Liquip Lip Set.
Jeffree Star's new 'Queen Bitch' Liquip Lip Set. Picture: shane via YouTube

But before the video closed, the camera panned round to the Conspiracy palette sitting proudly on the top shelf โ€“ but it wasn't alone. Sharing the shelf was a stack of Jeffree's Liquid Lip Kits โ€“ Equality, Open Here For Nudes: Volume 1, Love Me. Love Me Not, Open Here For Nudes: Volume 2, Blue Blooded and Queen Bitch.

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Queen Bitch was printed on the side of the box in bold, metallic purple letters. And since Jeffree has never done a purple lip kit before, Trendmood concluded that it could be next on his agenda.

Fans are now sharing theories on when the set will be released โ€“ and they're excited.

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