Jeffree Star accused of 'ripping off' another makeup brand with Blood Lust

15 April 2020, 14:58

Jeffree Star reveals that there will be a Blood Lust restock this Friday

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Fans found similarities between Blood Lust and Lorac's The Royal full face collection.

Jeffree Star has just welcomed two new Pomeranian pups – Dominatrix and Dessert – into the Starr family and he's been documenting his journey being a new "dog mom" on Instagram. However, despite being in new puppy bliss, that hasn't stopped fans coming for him for allegedly ripping off another brand.

Jeffree's iconic Blood Lust eyeshadow palette packaging has been accused of copying Lorac's holiday collection packaging, which was released in 2014.

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The Lorac collection, called The Royal, came in a red velvet hexagonal box with a crown motif and gold filigree design around the edges. As you know, Jeffree's Blood Lust (which was released in February 2020) eyeshadow palette also had a royal theme and came in a purple, crushed-velvet hexagonal box, complete with a crown motif and gold filigree around the edges.

Jeffree Star accused of 'ripping off' Lorac
Jeffree Star accused of 'ripping off' Lorac. Picture: @jeffreestar via Instagram, Lorac

It's worth noting that Lorac's Royal collection wasn't actually an eyeshadow palette. The box contained products for the lips, eyes, and cheeks.

The tea was originally spilled in a Reddit post. At around the 22.04 mark in The Ugly Side of the Beauty World, Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are looking for inspiration for their Conspiracy palette, after not liking the initial prototype shapes. Whilst in Jeffree's office, the pair comb through boxes and boxes of palette designs and there you see Shane holding Lorac's The Royal box.

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Now, considering Jeffree called out Kylie Jenner for using similar packaging to his lipstick for her concealers back in 2017, people thought it was a little hypocritical.

Alas, the internet appears to be truly split on this one.

Jeffree hasn't publicly addressed the claims yet but we'll update you when he does.

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