James Charles hilariously roasts everyone who dragged his mini Morphe palette

19 October 2019, 14:46

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

James Charles' Morphe mini collection caused controversy but the influencer couldn't help but joke about releasing a medium and XL Morphe palette, too.

James Charles faced criticism from fans this week after announcing that he would releasing a mini-eyeshadow palette called the James Charles X Morphe Mini Collection. Some were less than thrilled that the palette would only be a smaller version of the same 39 colour palette he launched with Morphe last year– with some even calling the release a "money grab".

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James responded to the controversy early on, telling critics that the release "isn't some 'crazy new launch that you guys HAVE to go buy' – it's for my fans and fellow artists who have supported me." Okay, sister!

James' latest clap back was a little more lighthearted about the situation, though. James jokingly "announced" that he'd be releasing a "medium" and "extra large" palette, too.

"really excited to announce that next week i'll be launching a medium size james charles x morphe palette perfect for in between time when you're not traveling but also not at home!! it'll be sooooo good i've been working on it for the last 29 months so hope u enjoy," he tweeted on Friday (October 18).

He also joked about an XL palette and accompanying XL brushes.

Well played, James. Well played.

As James was gearing up to release the mini palette, he explained that he'd listened to criticisms about the original palette's size and lack of mirror. He said that, after travelling with his own large palette, he'd also realised the limitations of its size.

Honestly, James' idea for a palette for the "in between time when you're not traveling but also not at home" sounds...lowkey genius. We'll keep an eye out for it.

What do you guys think? Is James' mini palette a good idea or are you passing on this one?