James Charles and Jeffree Star are dragging Givenchy for their foundation shade range

20 February 2019, 17:16

Jeffree Star and James Charles/Givenchy foundation
Givenchy are being called out for their "embarrassing" foundation shade range. Picture: YouTube/JamesCharles/Twitter/@Trendmood
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

This is actually happening… in 2019?

When Rihanna blessed us with Fenty Beauty in 2017, she brought us the inclusivity we had been craving for years. Finally a place with a shade range for absolutely everyone – we stan. Soon, various makeup brands followed her lead by releasing multiple shades of foundation and considering everyone has such different skintones, it seems like a no-brainer, right? Well, no, actually Givenchy are STILL getting it wrong.

TrendMood – a makeup review site – shared a sneak peak of Givenchy's new Teint Couture Everywhere Foundation & Concealer, which will be available online on April 12. The satin finish foundation boasts 24 hour staying power, full coverage and comes in just 20 shades.

The colours basically jump from various shades of beige to a light brown and then one dark shade…hm. People started to blast the luxury French brand's foundation and beauty YouTubers like Jeffree Star and James Charles soon called them out for their lack of shades for women with darker skin.

TrendMood did say in the post that the photo didn't show the full shade range. Nonetheless, once the full 20 shades were discovered, it was still not much better.

Seriously, one medium or deep shade? Not only is it not inclusive, but it's also not the smartest business move either. Now people that can't find the shade – or are outraged by the lack of shades – will just head to another company for their foundation.

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